A.YES they do! Not only do they look great, we use only the finest quality ingredients, including local sources whenever possible.

A.We do not like to rush clients into making hasty decisions. Most customers book our services two to three weeks before their event. We have been known, however, to stay up all night to complete last-minute orders.

A.Since each cake is custom made to your specifications, and incorporates so many variables from consultation to execution, it is difficult to offer a hard-and-fast price list. We always try to present a few possible variations and price tiers from which to select. Our minimum order is ¥20,000.

A.We are pick up and delivery only. We do not have a storefront.

A.Yes, we provide free consultations for anyone who would like help coming up with a theme or fine-tuning a concept. We'd love to hear from you!

Each Raindrop Sweets piece is tailored to your wishes and executed at the highest quality to deliver the most memorable creations that get you, your family, friends, and colleagues talking and sharing

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